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Infographic: Snapshot of Sudan’s Humanitarian Situation February 2015 (UNOCHA)

According to UNOCHA, an estimated 5.4 million of the most vulnerable people in Sudan will be targetted for humanitarian assistance. UNOCHA states that casuese of this to be “primarily driven by conflict-induced displacement, and chronic food insecurity and malnutrition. Some 3.1 million people in Sudan are internally displaced; most in Darfur, while a further 0.7 […]

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Infographic: Humanitarian Situation in Darfur February 2015 (UNOCHA)

According to UNOCHA, Darfur’s “conflict and insecurity continue in the absence of a comprehensive political settlement between the Government and the main armed movements. Meanwhile, an intensification of fighting between Government forces, with allied paramilitary groups, and armed movements as well as inter-tribal fighting, has heightened insecurity in the region….Some 4.4 million people are in […]

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