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Following a week of protests that rocked Khartoum and other major cities, the Government of Sudan continues to brutally clamp down on protestors using excessive force. Below is a brief of the key highlights of the current situation over the past two days, followed by a short recap of releases from some credible sources. • […]

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Can the Opposition Rise to the Challenge in Sudan?

(Protesters marching in the streets of Khartoum; Source: Girifna) Two weeks after the outbreak of the largest and most violently repressed popular protests faced by the National Congress Party’s (NCP) regime: what is next for Sudan? In the hope of providing elements of an answer to this large question, this issue of Sudan Democracy First […]

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Monthly Newsletter Issue No. (2)

Covering the period May 15 to June 30, 2013 SUMMARY: During the reporting period, bilateral relations between the Republics of Sudan (RoS) and the Republic of South Sudan (RoSS) experienced a significant downturn after a short-lived uptick earlier in the year, amid mutual accusations of supporting the other’s rebels. Triggered by the killing on May […]

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