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Sudan’s Democracy First Group (SDFG) Condemns the Slaying of Peaceful Protesters

The leading Sudanese think tank Sudan’s Democracy First Group (SDFG) condemned in a statement issued today the ongoing deadly crackdown on spontaneous and legitimate demonstrations by the Sudanese people throughout the country. The protests were triggered by the government’s decision of ending subsidies on essential goods including fuel, but were driven by the longtime suppressed […]

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Following a week of protests that rocked Khartoum and other major cities, the Government of Sudan continues to brutally clamp down on protestors using excessive force. Below is a brief of the key highlights of the current situation over the past two days, followed by a short recap of releases from some credible sources. • […]

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Can the Opposition Rise to the Challenge in Sudan?

(Protesters marching in the streets of Khartoum; Source: Girifna) Two weeks after the outbreak of the largest and most violently repressed popular protests faced by the National Congress Party’s (NCP) regime: what is next for Sudan? In the hope of providing elements of an answer to this large question, this issue of Sudan Democracy First […]

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