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Infographic: Humanitarian Situation in Darfur February 2015 (UNOCHA)


According to UNOCHA, Darfur’s “conflict and insecurity continue in the absence of a comprehensive political settlement between the Government and the main armed movements. Meanwhile, an intensification of fighting between Government forces, with allied paramilitary groups, and armed movements as well as inter-tribal fighting, has heightened insecurity in the region….Some 4.4 million people are in need of humanitarian assistance in Darfur. Over 2.55 million people remain displaced. In 2014 an estimated 430,000 people have been displaced by insecurity and violence in Darfur. Of these people, some 141,000 people were displaced but have subsequently returned to their homes…Resources allocated to address the humanitarian needs of people affected by insecurity in Darfur have continued to decline since 2009. Darfur has also seen a corresponding drop in the number of aid workers since this time. As of 30 June 2009, the number of national and international aid workers in Darfur dropped from 17,700 to 6,850 when 13 INGOs were expelled. As of 30 November 2014, only 5,540 aid workers in international organisations remain in Darfur.”

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