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Hundreds of Sudanese refugees and asylum seekers face forcible deportation from Jordan


18th of December 2015

During the last two days, Jordanian authorities decided to deport over 800 Sudanese refugees and asylum seekers back to Sudan. Jordanian officials revealed that the deportation is conducted in coordination and arrangement with Sudanese authorities. The first batch of the deported persons arrived to Khartoum airport this morning, Friday December 18, 2015.The group was received by excessive presence of Sudanese security apparatus.

SDFG expresses its extreme worry for the safety and well-being of those refugees and asylum seekers, especially with the known bad reputation of the Sudanese security. Detention, prolonged investigation and torture by Sudanese security have characterized the previous cases of deportation to Sudan. SDFG also condemns the cruel and inhumane treatment of Jordanian authorities against those refugees and asylum seekers during the forcible deportation of the first batch.

SDFG calls upon the Jordanian government to reconsider its decision, which violates the Convention relating to the Status of Refugees, including the forcible deportation to locations where refugees and asylum seekers may face inhumane treatment or persecution or detention.

It’s worth mentioning that the majority of the deported refugees are from Darfur region in Sudan, which has been witnessing systematic violence from the government apparatus on ethnic basis for more than a decade. The forcibly deported refugees and asylum seeks are under serious threats of been ethnically targeted by security agency in Khartoum.

SDFG therefore, calls upon the Jordanian government, the international and regional human rights bodies, and the governments of the world to immediately interfere to stop this ongoing crime. They should also take strong measures in order to ensure safety and well-being of those who have already been deported.

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