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On the passing of a hero: Goodbye Dr. Amin Maki Madani


On the passing of a hero: Goodbye Dr. Amin Maki Madani

31st August 2018

Today, on Friday 31st of August 2018, we mourn the passing of Dr Amin Maki Madani, the human rights, democracy and law fighter and hero, who passed away earlier today.

Dr Amin was one of Sudan’s greatest heroes through his tremendous stuggles in his public work, where he as faithful to his nation’s people; in his legal profession and professional conscience. In defending the rights and liberties of the Sudanese people, Dr Amin was subjected to many acts of oppression, detention, persecution and harassment. He was incarcerated at a young and old man and in good and bad health, but he never bargained for what he believed in.

During his career, Dr Amin assumed many tasks, most notably as the Chairman of Board of Trustees of the Arab Organisation for Human Rights, and as the President of the Sudanese Observatory for Human Rights. He also held several positions in the United Nations, especially in crisis areas and played a role in the establishment and chairmanship of the field office of the Office of the Commissioner for Human Rights in the occupied Palestinian territory in 1996. In addition, he gained the position of the Regional Representative of the MENA Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights from the period of 2001 to 2004. During his tenure, he was entrusted and tasked by the Commission to establish their office in Iraq (UNMI), during which he was injured in the bombing of the headquarters on August 19th 2003. He also headed their offices in Kosovo. Dr Amin was one of the most prominent Sudanese trade unionists, who helped restore democracy during the country’s revolution in April 1985. The late great Dr Amin was a true symbol of the universal human rights struggle.

Dr Amin Maki Madani has been the President of the Sudanese Civil Society Intiative since its establishment in December 2014, and we at Sudan Democracy First Group, have been honored to have him as a Board of Trustees Member, since our organisation’s establishment.

The great late Dr Amin has left us during a time where darkness looms over the Sudan, a time during which his fellow country’s men and women, young and old need him more than ever. Throughout his life, he has never ceased to effortlessly bless us with his wisdom and knowledge.

We at SDFG send our deep condolences to his immediate family and to the Sudanese people and to ourselves on this great loss. We pledge to him that we will continue our efforts to walk on his path on working for a democratic Sudan with a decent life for its people.


Sudan Democracy First Group’s Board of Trustees and Executive Team.

31st of August 2018

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