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Documentary: Getting Out of the Maze, a Sudanese Vision of Violent Extremism


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Sudanese Initiative for Countering Violent Extremism
Documentary: Getting Out of the Maze, a Sudanese Vision of Violent Extremism

20 September 2018

In 2017, Sudan Democracy First Group (SDFG) launched the Sudanese Initiative for Countering Violent Extremism, which aims to draw attention to the roots and dangers of the increasing prevalence of religious extremism, the adoption of terrorist ideas in the Sudanese society and the means to address it in local and regional contexts. This initiative is the result of numerous consultations and in-depth discussions among members of the Board of Trustees (BoT), the Executive Team as well as experts and researchers in this field. These discussions concluded that the phenomenon of violent extremism is one of the most important challenges facing Sudan, the region and the whole world. The discussion also realized that, the efforts to confront this challenge in Sudan, the region and the world, have primarily focused on security, intelligence and military force entry points, in addition to some intellectual efforts that lack systematic, strategic linkages and trajectory.

For the above mentioned reasons, SDFG launched the “Sudanese Initiative for Countering Violent Extremism”, with the objective to conduct gap analysis, researches and studies on this phenomenon, in hope to eventually present strategies with alternative narratives, to counter violent terrorism.

SDFG has already started some practical steps towards realizing the objectives of this initiative. SDFG established a Consultative Advisory Panel (CAP) for the initiative, which brought together Sudanese and non-Sudanese experts from different schools of thoughts, and who are known for their contribution in this field. In addition, the project published its first research publication titled: “Towards a Sudanese Humanitarian Vision on Violent Extremism”, which provided an overview of violent extremism and discussed in depth the roots and the global definitions of this phenomenon. Furthermore, it highlighted the connotation and manifestations of extremism in the internal and external policies of Sudan.

Upcoming in this project will be the issuance of several research papers and information materials on the extent of the spread of this phenomenon, including the launch of this documentary “Getting Out of the Maze”. This short documentary presents the views of a number of Sudanese intellectuals and experts on the extent of the spread of violent extremism in Sudan, as well as the intellectual and social roots of its spread. Particular attention is drawn to the problems related to education, which contribute to the dissemination of specific radical ideas and views of the Islamic religion in particular. In addition, it addresses the effects of state repression suffered by the youths through the suppression of their talents and the lack of promotion of their aesthetic senses, which leads them to directing their energies elsewhere, including falling into the trap of violent extremism and embracing extremist and violent ideas. This film also addresses the systematic violence against women, which reached its highest levels in recent years and contributed to spreading the culture of extremism and violence in the society.

SDFG presents this documentary to reflect on the public debate on the issue of violent extremism. We are looking at the prospects of breaking the stalemate of terrorism and violent extremism in Sudan, the region and the world. We are confident that Sudanese progressive projects can contribute positively both locally and internationally, to eradicating the violent extremism labyrinth with a pure, creative and inventive Sudanese vision that reflects the richness and diversity of Sudanese society and popular wisdom inherited throughout Sudanese history.
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