Sudan Democracy First Group

In the state of Khartoum, and during the period from (January-December) 2020, the group carried out several activities as follows:

1. (29) December 2020 One-day round table discussion  at Al Salam Rotana Hotel, Khartoum on the role of the upcoming transitional parliament in combating corruption, with the participation of representatives of Freedom and Change, resistance committees and civil society leaders active in combating corruption in Sudan.

2. (10-11) August 2020 Two-days’ workshop, at Khartoum State TV building on creative thinking in the media with the focus on democratic transformation and transitional justice in Sudan. The workshop was held in collaboration Khartoum State Television and participation of (45) media professionals.

3. (2-3) March 2020 Two-days’ workshop, at Sudan Democracy First Group Office, Khartoum on assembly right and the way to establish cooperative societies, with the participation of 22 representatives of the Abyei Women’s Caucus in Khartoum.

4. (13) Feb 2020 One-day meeting  at SDFG office Khartoum, on promoting economic, social and environmental rights in Sudan after the fall of the Bashir regime with the participation of Human Right Watch mission to Sudan, led by Mausi Sigon, Director of the Africa Division and Jehan Henry, and representatives for people affected by the Meroe and Kajabr Dams, gold mining in the South Kordofan, land grapping in Al-Dali and Al Mazmoum.

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