Sudan Democracy First Group

What is it? and How we make it

Through its policy and advocacy and communications work, SDFG fosters dialogue and engagement with communities, policy makers and influential actors on the national, regional and international levels.

Based on regular publication and dissemination of indigenous Sudanese research and analysis regarding political developments peace building efforts and potential governance reforms, SDFG influences Sudanese and international stakeholders. SDFG infuses this research and analysis into the decisions of national and international inside Sudan and abroad through advocacy and forms of engagement. Alliances with regional civil society organizations and bodies amplify SDFG’s voice. Help to nurture political discourse among Sudanese civil society and the wider public.

In addition to advocacy work, SDFG uses audio-visual means to communicate its advocacy messages, and to outreach to different audience, internally and externally. These include more than three thousand contacts in SDFG’s mailing list, website, Facebook twitter, and short video. WhatsApp Radio is also a new medium for communication that was developed by SDFG team to spread its awareness raising and advocacy materials.

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