Sudan Democracy First Group

SDFG attempts support and empowers civil society in marginalized and vulnerable settings and Conflict areas within Sudan and among refugee communities through networking, capacity building, organizational development, project management, advocacy, outreach, promoting inclusive participation and research and Information-sharing on Sudan’s conflicts.

SDFG contributes to building a Sudanese Civic Movement of pro-democratic change and peace building  civil society agencies that can work with others in the civic, local communities and political community through civic persistence  and engagement  agenda in order to achieve positive social peace and political peace in Sudan.

SDFG promote peaceful and democratic engagement of civil society leaders and local community activists in Social and  political platforms and processes for peace building, diversity management and Transitional Justice. In addition to supporting active participation of such leaders and activists, SDFG also conducts research and analysis on the political situation, peace building and conflict consequences and its underlying dynamics relating to democracy, governance, and conflict resolution.

SDFG supports and pay efforts to develop a Sudanese model for transitional with mechanisms based  on the Sudanese  social, cultural and political diversity to address the post conflict era and to achieve sustainable and comprehensive social and political peace.

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