Sudan Democracy First Group

Sudan mired in a structural governance crisis, which threatens the stability, viability and unity of the state. Addressing this crisis will require a series of extensive reforms within the key functions of the state, including in political governance, the rule of law and the economy, social, and security sectors

The overall objective of the program is to foster inclusive debate and analysis among a broad section of Sudanese academics, civil society and political actors towards a comprehensive program of institutional reforms that would ensure peaceful transformation and a viable democratic Sudan.

Through the first phase of the institutional reform, SDFG contributed with many Sudanese experts and professionals, from different intellectual backgrounds, and forces of change into developing some alternative policies on social, economic, governance, civil services, judiciary and security sectors for the transition. SDFG is committed to build on this process by fostering inclusive debate and analysis around the produced materials to address the gaps and to articulate a coherent vision and concrete recommendations for genuine and inclusive institutional reforms tin Sudan

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