What is the Sudanese Initiative to Counter Extremism

Sudan Democracy First Group conducted wide consultations and deep discussions among the members of the Board of Trustees (BoT), the executive team, youth and its fellow thinkers and researchers in this field. These discussions concluded that the phenomenon of extremism is one of the most important challenges facing Sudan, the region and the whole world. The discussion also realized that the efforts that have been mobilized to confront this challenge in Sudan, the region and the world, have focused on addressing this challenge from a security, intelligence and violent military angles, in addition to some intellectual efforts that lacks a systematic and strategic linkages to approach the challenge. For all these reasons, (SDFG) in coordination and consultation with activist youth and intellectuals in the field, launched this initiative under the title "Sudanese Initiative to Counter Extremism”, with the objective to conduct gap analysis and thorough researches and studies on the phenomenon and eventually present strategies with alternative narrative to the current endeavors.


  • Raise the awareness and sensitivity of society to the dangers of extremism, in consultation and coordination with political parties, youth organizations and initiatives, civil society organizations, academics, innovators and religious leaders.
  • Hold joint workshops and meetings with the above-mentioned actors to ensure that the issues of addressing extremism are at the forefront of their agendas, and to formulate a common charter that will raise the awareness and sensitivity of society and demonstrate the commitment of the democratic public sphere to combating terrorism
  • Conduct and publish researches on various aspects of extremism in the country, such as a  study on the  Sudanese extremists (mapping of their presence, backgrounds, social origins, education, etc.), and the study of existing educational curricula and their suitability to combat extremism and to develop the humanitarian aspects of the society , as well as media and religious sermons  in mosques and the media.
  • Motivate artist to produce creative works on the issue (poetry, songs, drama, etc.)
  • Training of religious youth and media leaders on combating violent extremism