What is STI

SDFG is a Sudanese think-tank and civil society organization that is built on a coalition of democrat, activist, trade unionist and academic Sudanese men and women representing different cultural and ethnic backgrounds. The main agenda of SDFG is to be a voice for the voiceless victims in Sudan. SDFG is working around the questions of democratization and its intersection with peace, justice and development in Sudan.

Sudan Democracy First Group (SDFG) launched the Sudan Transparency Initiative (STI) Project in March 2015 to documents, investigate, analyses and disseminates credible and reliable information about the scope and magnitude of corruption in Sudan.


  • To raise awareness of Sudanese and non-Sudanese about the scale and scope of grant and petty corruption;
  • Build anti-corruption movements at local and national levels to demand accountability, transparency, assets recovery and justice;
  • Mobilize and build the capacity of youth, through specialized training, to be able to skilfully document, analyse and subvert corruption practices in their local settings;
  • Make credible information about corruption and lack of transparency available online for students, researchers, civil and political activists;
  • Provide reliable information and studies to the democratic forces of change in Sudan to help in the establishment of credible anti-corruption instruments and assets recovery mechanism.

STI is working towards these objectives through researching, documenting and disseminating short stories and detailed reports about instance of petty and grant corruption, and building an online database on corruption that is accessible to researchers, students, activists, and politicians. Through providing such concrete information about corruption, these forces of change can start to build reliable and effective anti-corruption policies and mechanisms for a just, democratic and prosperous Sudan.