Sudan Democracy First Group


SDFG works to promote democracy, peace and citizens’ engagement through addressing the root causes of the lack of inclusive democracy in Sudan. SDFG applies multi-disciplinary approaches to achieve its set objectives including the conduct of independent research and analysis and campaigning for justice and a lasting solution to the conflicts in Sudan. SDFG promotes civil society dialogue, collaboration and the development of a joint democratic agenda. SDFG facilitates the participation and engagement of democratic and independent civil society and its leadership in peace and political processes and dialogues.


• Contribute to the building of an inclusive civic movement evolving around democracy, peace, accountability and balanced development;

• Strengthen coordination and networking among civil society groups, social and political movements and democratic initiatives and to facilitate engagement in peace and political processes;

• Put governance, accountability, just peace and democracy on the agenda for constitutional and state reform;

• Provide a rapid and flexible response to unforeseen needs which strengthen independent civil society actors/initiatives.

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