Sudan Democracy First Group

Sudan Democracy First Group (SDFG) was established by a number of Sudanese Civil Society leaders, activists and academics in 2010 in Khartoum and Juba. The establishment of SDFG was particularly spurred by the failure of a democratic transformation in Sudan which became acutely apparent during the April 2010 national elections, held as part of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA). Against the background of growing instability—caused by re-occurrence of conflict, lack of justice and accountability, and exclusion—SDFG emerged. Its aim was to provide a voice to the voiceless, and to promote democracy in its intersection with peace, justice, and balanced development.

SDFG is a coalition of Sudanese democrats, activists, trade unionists and academics representing different pro-democracy ideological, political and cultural backgrounds. The main agenda of the initiative is to voice the concerns of voiceless Sudanese people across the country around questions of democratization and its intersection with peace, justice and development in Sudan.

SDFG is a civil society actor and think-tank, which engages in politics from an independent position to support efforts around evolving democracy in Sudan. SDFG’s work is rooted in a progressive vision, collaborating to establish a Sudanese civic movement to achieve the goals of a just peace, democratic transformation and balanced development. SDFG engages directly in political processes aiming to seek positive societal and political change. SDFG operates from a non-partisan position, and does not attempt to seek political power.

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