Sudan Democracy First Group

SDFG Constitution Approaches

   1. SDFG is a Sudanese think tank and campaigning organization working to enlighten civic struggles towards democratization in its intersection with peace, justice, human rights and development. SDFG conducts systematic action-oriented research; disseminates knowledge and designs and implements evidence-based advocacy and campaigns nationally, regionally and internationally. It seeks to bring the voice and concerns of the voiceless to the center of public debates. It seeks to enhance the capacity of civil society and democratic movements through providing consistent analysis drawn from Sudanese perspectives, involving them in advocacy based on this research and consolidating coordination and consensus building around the major challenges that face inclusive democratic processes.

   2. SDFG will work to build partnerships with different regional and international civil society groups and will strive to inject Sudanese perspectives in debates and campaigning waged by these groups. While SDFG welcomes the roles of different international governmental and non-governmental mediators to end conflicts and ensure respect of justice and human rights, it will resist paternalistic, neo-colonial interventions that do not respect Sudanese view. In some occasions such endeavors have turned a blind eye to human rights violations and rigged electoral processes.

   3. SDFG will also work towards promoting values of solidarity, protection and cooperation among independent democratic civil society and civic actors through creating and providing support to individuals and groups that face challenges and/or are in need for urgent support. In doing so, SDFG will aim at mobilizing Sudanese resources, in addition to sister domestic organizations and understanding international partners that believe in the objectives and values of the group and initiatives it is leading.

   4. SDFG will encourage and work towards cooperation, transparency, close coordination and constructive competition among sister democratic/ independent CSOs and civic actors. Planning and implementations of activities will be based on wide consultation with sister groups to avoid duplications and to create consensuses and wider support.

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